ADVANCED WEBINARS: QuickBooks Desktop for Manufacturing and Wholesale - Inventory Management (2020-2022)

ADVANCED WEBINARS: QuickBooks Desktop for Manufacturing and Wholesale - Inventory Management (2020-2022)

When you purchase access to this course, you will have access to the complete QuickBooks Desktop for Manufacturing and Wholesale webinar series, which consists of pre-recorded 8 episodes (close to 2 hours per episode):

  1. QuickBooks Desktop Inventory Features across all versions, Inventory workflows, Inventory valuation, and AVG. vs. FIFO
  2. Work with and Landed Cost. Organizing and Importing your inventory data.
  3. Working with Multiple Locations,Bin Numbers, Serial numbers, and Lot Numbers. Working with a Barcodes (USB Reader)
  4. Multiple Units of Measure, Inventory Assemblies, and Bill of Materials
  5. Advanced Manufacturing workflows: accounting for scrap, "disemploy" allocation labor, accounting for 3rd party manufacturing process
  6. New Features in 2021 + Alternative Vendors. An introduction to Mobile Warehouse System
  7. Mobile Warehouse System: Sales Order Fulfillment, Pick/Pack/Ship, Wireless Receiving, and Cycle Counts
  8. Making inventory adjustments in batch, Managing Consignment, and Other Inventory Workarounds

Complete Master List of Topics (in order of appearance):

Ep. 1 Comparing Inventory features across All versions of QuickBooks Desktop
Ep. 1 Non-Inventory Part Workflow vs. Inventory Part Workflow
Ep. 1 Introduction to Bill of Materials and Assembly Items
Ep. 1 Inventory Valuation Issues
Ep. 1 Comparing Avg. Cost (Pro/Premier) vs. FIFO (Enterprise ONLY)
Ep. 1 Landed Cost workaround for QuickBooks Pro and Premier
Ep. 1 Intro to Landed Cost with QuickBooks Enterprise 2020 and newer
Ep. 1 Find and Select Items vs. The ultimate Item fetching shortcut
Ep. 1 Item Receipt vs. Bill. Short introduction to Enhanced Inventory Receiving
Ep. 2 Landed Cost In detail: Classic Workaround for all versions
Ep. 2 Landed Cost Tool in QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum/Diamond Editions 2020+
Ep. 2 Tools for Importing Items: Advanced Excel Import vs. IIF vs. Add/Edit vs. TPI
Ep. 2 Importing Items Examples
Ep. 2 Organizing your item list: Custom Fields vs. Subitems vs. Default Class
Ep. 2 Workaround for Converting an Inventory Item list into a Non-Inventory Item list
Ep. 2 Basic Inventory Adjustment Workflows
Ep. 3 Working with Multiple Site Locations and Bin Numbers
Ep. 3 Working with Serial Numbers or Lot Numbers
Ep. 3 Working with Bar Codes
Ep. 3 Working with Advanced Price Rules
Ep. 4 Multiple Units of Measure
Ep. 4 Inventory Assembly items
Ep. 4 Bill of Materials
Ep. 4 Building Assemblies
Ep. 4 Editing Assemblies on the fly - Enterprise Only
Ep. 4 Working with Subassemblies
Ep. 4 Where Used (Component replacement) - Enterprise Only
Ep. 5 Types of Manufacturing process
Ep. 5 Accounting for Scrap
Ep. 5 “Disassembly” = Inventory Adjustment
Ep. 5 Non-Inventory Parts in BOM
Ep. 5 Service Parts in BOM (Allocating Labor)
Ep. 5 Allocation other overhead
Ep. 5 Discreet/Manual cost allocation from “WIP”
Ep. 5 3rd Party Manufacturing
Ep. 6 Customer Groups & Automated Statements (QuickBooks Desktop 2021 NEW Feature)
Ep. 6 Require Serial/Lot Number (QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 NEW Feature)
Ep. 6 Intro to Data-Level User Permissions (QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 NEW Feature)
Ep. 6 Batch Delete Sales Orders
Ep. 6 Alternate Vendors
Ep. 6 Import Vendor Pricing
Ep. 6 Introduction to Mobile Warehouse Management
Ep. 6.5 In Depth Data-Level User Permissions (QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum 2021 NEW Feature)
Ep. 7 Understanding the workflow, what QBES does and doesn’t do
Ep. 7 Setting up the Android app with QuickBooks Enterprise
Ep. 7 Loading Items with barcodes
Ep. 7 Receiving workflow
Ep. 7 Pick/Pack/Ship Workflow
Ep. 7 Cycle Count Workflow
Ep. 8 Making Inventory Adjustments in Batch (Hector’s IIF Macro)
Ep. 8 Importing Assembly Items in Batch (Hector’s IIF Macro)
Ep. 8 Unique Product Valuation with Multiple Costs (WIP Account and Classes)
Ep. 8 Tracking Our Inventory in consignment - Sales Order Technique (QB Premier)
Ep. 8 Tracking Our Inventory in consignment - Multiple Inventory Site Technique (QB Enterprise)
Ep. 8 Tracking Others' Inventory in consignment - Purchase Order Technique (QB Premier)
Ep. 8 Tracking Others' Inventory in consignment - Multiple Inventory Site Technique (QB Enterprise)
Ep. 8 Negative Inventory Preferences and Negative Inventory Reports
Ep. 8 Edit Markup and Automatic Cost / Price Updates
Bonus: . Convert Inventory Part to Non-Inventory Workaround
Bonus: . Zeroing-out Inventory and using Hector's Macro
Using Add/Edit Multiple Items Tools to Import Inventory Items
Importing Items Using Transaction Pro Importer
Making Inventory Adjustments to Troubleshoot Inventory Valuation
Update Items Costs using IIF and VLOOKUP in Excel
Setting up Assemblies and Importing Components using IIF
Multiple Location Tracking Workaround in QuickBooks Pro/Premier Workaround
Bonus: . Using Lot Numbers as Expiration Dates workaround
Bonus: . Inventory Aging Reports on FIFO (New for QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 Platinum)

Your Instructor

Hector Garcia, CPA
Hector Garcia, CPA

Hector Garcia, CPA.CITP, CGMA

  • Certified Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor
  • Member of Intuit Trainer/Writer Network
  • Creator of 1000+ videos in YouTube about QuickBooks, Accounting, Taxation, and/or Excel

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